lucethira's Journal


The Artblog of a yaoi-crazed Growlanser fangirl

The Internet is for Zeonsilt pr0n.

This journal contains GL ravings and doodles and occasional art dumps
of other stuff I draw too. For a better representation of my artwork though, please check out my y-gallery. Beware though I'm obviously a yaoi fan so I'll post BL/adult pictures in my journal, which not everyone needs to see.

All of my icons' artwork was done by me. Please do not use them or any
of my artwork for icons unless I specifically made a gift art for you.

I'm always happy to meet new Growlanser/yaoi fan friends so if you're
one and I find you I might just kidnap you to be my playmate. In return
I'll try to draw you some pretty pictures.

GROWLANSER diehard love forever.

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